Introducing the New Gold Standard in Continuous Flow Vermicomposting

Produce highly-valued organic fertilizer with the Michigan SoilWorks CFT, the most advanced continuous flow through system available. From the powder-coated steel frame to the waterproof polypropylene walls to the proprietary drive train and guide rail system, the Michigan SoilWorks is engineered to exacting standards and will provide years of worry-free service.

The Michigan SoilWorks’ modular design means you can save on startup costs by purchasing a system that fits your situation now rather buying a system you need to grow into. 

If you need a larger system later, simply purchase additional modules to attach to your existing CFT.


The Michigan SoilWorks CFT

  • Processes virtually all organic materials including animal manure, landscape debris, and paper/pulp byproducts.
  • Effectively isolates waste and other feedstock materials from the environment, avoiding impact to soil, water and air quality.
  • Yields high-quality vermicompost from most feedstocks in about 45-60 days.

Why Continuous Flow?

  • faster cycle time from input to end product
  • greatest reduction of volume
  • highest microbial activity for soil health
  • minimum labor
  • no unsightly piles or windrows
  • superior odor management

Turn Waste Into Profit

At a price of $7.50 per gallon of worm castings, a 16ft model can generate $2400 in monthly revenue after the initial startup period.

There is a reason the most profitable worm farms and vermicomposting operations employ continuous flow technology. It is the most advanced, efficient, and least labor-intensive worm composting system to recycle organic waste into a high-value organic fertilizer coveted by vineyards, cannabis growing operations, and other agricultural clientele who understand the value of potent vermicompost.

Request a Proposal

If you feel your project may need additional consulting assistance, please contact us to determine how we can support you. We will be happy to prepare a project proposal that includes a detailed scope of services, a not-to exceed budget, and a schedule for completion.

For larger projects involving more than vermicomposting, we are happy to work with your lead contractor as a sub-contractor. As a project team member, we will contribute to your project’s success, from initial proposal writing to final report preparation and client presentations.

Contact Dan at

Or Call 248-938-9311

We look forward to learning about your existing or intended operation and whether a Michigan SoilWorks CFT is the right fit for you.

Easy Harvesting

Stainless steel cutting bar and proprietary rail guide system for easy harvesting

Motorized Drivetrain

Reversible high torque motor cuts in both directions. Standard on larger models.

Modular Design

Expand as your operation grows and save on upfront costs

Premium Worm Castings

Create vermicompost with the highest biological activity

Production Efficiency

Continuous flow vermicomposting systems are the most efficient form of worm castings production

Every Michigan SoilWorks CFT Comes With

System Design Proposal

3D model, plans, materials list, and specifications. We will not attempt to sell you a larger system than you need.

Palletized Parts

Your system will arrive carefully packed and shipped under our direct supervision

Detailed Assembly Instructions

Clear, concise directions eliminate confusion in the assembly process.

Operating Instructions

Standardized best-practices lead you from start-up through routine weekly harvests after roughly 20 weeks

Unlimited Technical Support

We stand by our product – we’re never more than a phone call away.

Modular Design

Start with a single 8-ft base unit and grow from there. Add additional modules to increase your capacity when you want.

Your initial investment is completely upgradable in the future.

Precision Engineered

Engineered for performance and durability, using 3D CAD modeling, FEA (finite element analysis), plasma cutting, computer-aided machining, and rigorous field testing.

These also ensure compatibility with future modules as you expand your system.

 Engineered Materials

  • Polypropylene walls are impervious to moisture and will never decay
  • Stainless steel cutter bar, cable, and fasteners
  • Low-friction guide rail made of HDPE
  • 3D-printed control armitures
  • Motorized reversible drive system for cutting in both directions
  • High-torque 110V DC gear motor
  • Integrated limit switches to stop the cutter at both ends

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