The Expandable and Durable CFT

The Michigan SoilWorks CFT is built with modular design, precision engineering, and materials selected to withstand 10 years or more of worry-free service.

Our modular design means you can purchase a CFT that fits your medium to large-scale vermicomposting needs now rather than spending more money on a system you need to grow into.

Our precision-engineered system is the product of industrial-grade processes like CAD modeling, stress simulations, 3D printing, and powdercoating, all of which ensure your CFT is built in a highly-standardized and replicable fashion.

And our materials were carefully selected for strength, moisture and impact resistance, and value.

What Does It Come With?

How Is It This CFT Built?

Your CFT Startup Timeline

Calculating the Input and Output of a CFT

Modular Design

Precision Engineered

Modular Design

Start with a single 8-ft base unit and grow from there. Add additional modules to increase your capacity when you want. 

Your initial investment is completely upgradable in the future.

Precision Engineered

Engineered for performance and durability, using 3D CAD modeling, FEA (finite element analysis), plasma cutting, computer-aided machining, and rigorous field testing.

Engineered Materials and Components

  • Polypropylene walls are impervious to moisture and will never decay
  • Stainless steel cutter bar, cable, and fasteners
  • Low-friction guide rail made of HDPE
  • 3D-printed control armitures
  • Motorized reversible drive system for cutting in both directions
  • High-torque 110V DC gear motor
  • Integrated limit switches to stop the cutter at both ends


Every Michigan SoilWorks CFT Comes With

System Design Proposal

System Design Proposal

3D model, plans, materials list, and specifications

Palletized Parts

Palletized Parts

Your setup will arrive carefully packed and shipped

Detailed Assembly Instructions

Detailed Assembly Instructions

Clear, concise directions eliminate confusion in the assembly process

Operating Instructions

Operating Instructions

Standardized best-practices lead you from start-up through routine weekly harvests

Unlimited Technical Support

Unlimited Technical Support

We stand by our product – we’re never more than a phone call away

Anatomy of a Michigan SoilWorks CFT

Anatomy of a Michigan SoilWorks CFT

Durable Frame Components

We selected polyproylene for the wall panels as it is strong, impervious to moisture, and will simply never decay

Stainless steel fasteners will not corrode in moist conditions

Structural steel with industrial grade polyester powder coating

Custom Manufactured Drivetrain

Limit switches protect the motor and extend service life.

110V DC motor custom-designed and manufactured specifically for Michigan SoilWorks CFTs using 3D CAD modeling and stress testing.

Compact motor saves valuable space and reduces strain on frame components.

Proprietary Cutter Bar Rail

Cutting bar rail custom built to reduce friction and maximize service life

Mesh Bottom

Galvanized steel mesh is extremely strong and corrosion resistant


Your Expected Startup Timeline

  • Week 0

    Initial Startup

    • Assemble the CFT
    • Line grating with paper
    • Add 8 inches of bedding and 4 inches of feedstock
    • Add composting worms at 1/2lb per square foot
  • Week 4

    First Consultation with Michigan SoilWorks

    Topics to discuss?

  • Weeks 1-14

    Filling It Up

    Add 2 inches of feedstock per week, and water

  • Week 15

    Second Consultation with Michigan SoilWorks

    Topics to discuss?

  • Weeks 15-16

    Harvest the Base Layer

    • Harvest 1 round trip to remove base bedding
    • Recycle bedding material back into bin
    • Add 2 inches of feedstock 2 times per week
  • Week 17

    First Production Harvest!

    • Harvest 1 round trip per week
    • Add 2 inches of feedstock 2x per week
  • Weeks 18-20

    Cruise Control

    • Continue harvesting one round trip per week
    • Continue adding 2 inches of feedstock 2 times per week
  • Week 20

    Third Consultation with Michigan SoilWorks

    Topics to discuss?

  • You’re Off and Running!

    You're Off and Running!

    Your Michigan SoilWorks CFT has reached production-level efficiency and will now be producing rich vermicompost for sale or for use in your operation. Michigan SoilWorks will remain available to  answer any questions you may have along the way.

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