CFT Systems

You’re not just getting a machine

When you buy a Michigan SoilWorks CFT, you’re getting a complete package – carefully packed components, detailed assembly instructions, operating guidelines, and unlimited technical support.

Your success is important to us and we want to be a part of it with you.

Let’s get it right the first time.

Continuous flow vermicomposting systems must endure the stresses of weight, moisture and cutting resistance – conditions which quickly degrade do-it-yourself CFTs and the competitors systems.

If your CFT fails, you pay three times.

Once for the cost of emptying tons of vermicompost from your system. Another time for the cost of repair. And yet another time for the lost revenue in the following weeks while you restart your system.

Do it right from the start.

See what a system from Michigan SoilWorks can do for you, and give yourself years of worry-free operation.  Contact us today to see Michigan SoilWorks CFT is right for you.

Single Module
Hand Winch


8 ft x 4 ft
Weekly Input: 200 lbs
Weekly Output: 160 lbs
Depending on Feedstock

2 Modules
Hand Winch


16 ft x 4 ft
Weekly Input: 400 lbs
Weekly Output: 320 lbs
Depending on Feedstock

2 Modules
Motorized Drivetrain


16 ft x 4 ft
Weekly Input: 400 lbs
Weekly Output: 320 lbs
Depending on Feedstock

3 Module
Motorized Drivetrain


24 ft x 4 ft
Weekly Input: 600 lbs
Weekly Output: 480 lbs
Depending on Feedstock

4 Modules
Motorized Drivetrain


32 ft x 4 ft
Weekly Input: 800 lbs
Weekly Output: 640 lbs
Depending on Feedstock

5 Modules
Motorized Drivetrain


40 ft x 4 ft
Weekly Input: 1000 lbs
Weekly Output: 800 lbs
Depending on Feedstock



Add to your existing
Michigan SoilWorks CFT
for more capacity.

Build Your Own CFT?

Here are some products to help do-it-yourself CFT builders create or modify their own CFTs.



Compatible with Guide
Rail system as adapted to

your CFT system
Patented design
• Instructions provided

Hand Winch
Drive Set


Compatible with any CFT bin
(adapting may be required)
Includes: 2 premium pulling
winches, steel frames, cables
and clamps, fully assembled

Winch & Cutting
Bar Set


• Designed for CFT’s • Save nearly $100 by purchasing the two together    

The first 16 Weeks with Your Michigan SoilWorks CFT

Initial Startup

Week 0

  • Assemble the CFT
  • Line grating and add 4 inches (10 cm)of base layer
  • Top with 4 inches (10 cm) of feedstock
  • Add livestock – 20 lbs (10 kg) of worms per module
  • Support from Michigan SoilWorks as needed

Start Filling the Bin

Weeks 1 to 8

  • Add 2 inches (5 cm) of feedstock weekly
  • Bin will be about 2/3 full by week 8

Harvesting the Base Layer

Weeks 9 & 10

  • Pull the cutting bar across and back
  • Increase feeding to 3-4 inches (8-10 cm) per week
  • Repeat for 2 weeks

Continue Filling the Bin

Weeks 11 to 14

  • Continue feeding 3-4 inches per week
  • No harvesting these weeks until the bin is full

First Production Harvest

Week 15 or 16

  • Run the cutting bar across and back
  • Feed as usual

Cruise Control

You’re Off and Running!

  • Transition to a weekly routine
  • Continue harvesting and feeding once weekly
  • Your CFT has reached full production

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