Michigan SoilWorks CFT Plans Now Available for Purchase

After two years of customer demand, Michigan SoilWorks is thrilled to offer construction plans for its modular continuous flow vermicomposting bin.

The package includes fabrication shop drawings taken from the same engineering files used to manufacture the manual drive CFT reactors that we ship across North America and internationally.

This alternative is perfect for people in remote locations facing excessive shipping costs, and those who have the skills or access to local welding and fabricating talent to produce our CFT themselves.

The patent-pending stainless steel cutting bar is also available. Normally priced at $795, the cutting bar will be offered at a savings of $395 when purchased with the CFT Plans.


**Restricted to US and Canadian customers at this time.**

Sample CAD Drawing from Your Design Package

The adjacent image shows a sample computer-aided design (CAD) drawing from the full design package you will receive.

This particular image shows the H-frame support employed at the ends of Michigan SoilWorks CFT modules.

This H-frame is actually created from 3 separate structural steel components, each of which have their own files to guide fabrication. Precise locations are marked for hole placement, facilitating fastener attachment and final assembly.

You can expect this level of clarity from all of our files.

Patent-Pending Cutting Bar

Normally $795. Now $400 With the Plans.

The cutting bar is a crucial component in a CFT.

An improperly-designed cutting mechanism can produce uneven harvest patterns and/or cave-ins.

In some circumstances, a cutting bar pulled by a strong enough motor can even destroy a CFT if the carriage does not maintain alignment during the full travel of the cutting bar.

The U-channel below our cutting bar glides smoothly atop the center rail.

While you can purchase the plans without the cutting bar, we highly recommend buying this optional product for $395 off with your CFT plans.


**These plans are for the manual winch version of our CFT.**


Professional CAD Plans

We will send you the same plans our fabricators use to produce our CFTs


Precise Assembly Instructions

Thanks to extremely clear instructions, two adults can assemble a Michigan SoilWorks CFT without specialized equipment.


100% Credit Towards Future CFT Purchase

If you decide at a later date that you simply want to purchase a Michigan SoilWorks CFT, 100% of the cost of these plans can be applied to your purchase.


Steep Discount on Our Cutting Bar

The cutting bar is one of the most crucial CFT components. Your plans purchase will entitle you to a $395 discount on our patent-pending cutting bar.

The 3-Step CFT Plans Purchase Process

Step 1

Purchase Plans

  • Pay securely via secure online payment.
Step 2

Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • You are purchasing the rights to use our plans, but we are not transferring the rights to our intellectual property. Upon payment, you will be redirected to a binding non-disclosure agreement which you will sign electronically.
Step 3

Plans Delivery

  • The plans will be delivered immediately after signing your non-disclosure agreement. The 2-file digital package will include CAD files, assembly instructions, and any other special instructions for your welders and fabricators.

Watch the Assembly of a Michigan SoilWorks CFT

This video shows the assembly of a CFT by Michigan SoilWorks owner Dan Lonowski and Urban Worm Company owner Steve Churchill.

Dan and Steve needed no specialized equipment; only screwdrivers, drills, wrenches, sockets, and other common tools.

A 16-foot CFT assembly should take roughly 4 hours.

What Else Might I Spend on My CFT?

For a single module CFT, we estimate you will spend another $1000-$1100 in materials, assuming you have to procure it all yourself. The choice to powder coat your materials will increase this cost.

Your savings will be realized in labor and packing cost.

Before You Buy

Before we send you the plans, we will ask you to acknowledge that you will not distribute the plans.

We will also ask you to acknowledge that we can offer very limited support for CFTs built with our plans (with the exception of any unlikely problems encountered with our optional cutting bar).

We stand behind the quality of our plans.

Please understand that we cannot help with poor materials choices or imprecise workmanship from 3rd parties in the fabrication of our product.



Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement

Receive Plans

Buy the Plans for the Michigan SoilWorks CFT

**Restricted to US and Canadian customers at this time.**
**Plans for a manual winch only**
E-Mail us to be notified when it becomes available in other countries.