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Continuous Flow Vermicomposter

Introducing the Gold Standard in Continuous Flow Vermicomposting

A commercial vermicomposting system with the ultimate in durability, performance and value. Michigan SoilWorks’ innovative modular design expands to grow with your business over time.  Premium engineered materials and computer-aided manufacturing add up to years of trouble-free service.

Increase productivity and quality with less labor!

**New in 2020**

The Plans for the Michigan SoilWorks CFT are available for purchase in the US and Canada!

These are the exact plans our fabricators use to manufacture the commercial-scale vermicomposting systems we ship to our clients.


**These plans are for the manual winch version of our CFT.**


The Michigan SoilWorks CFT

  • Processes virtually all organic materials including animal manure, landscape debris, and paper/pulp byproducts.
  • Effectively isolates waste and other feedstock materials from the environment, avoiding impact to soil, water and air quality.
  • Yields high-quality vermicompost from most feedstocks in about 45-60 days.

Why Continuous Flow?

  • faster cycle time from input to end product
  • greatest reduction of volume in organic waste
  • highest microbial activity for soil health
  • minimum labor
  • no unsightly piles or windrows
  • superior odor management

Tell us about your plans – and find out which Michigan SoilWorks Vermicomposter is right for you.

Easy Harvesting

Stainless steel cutting bar and proprietary rail guide system for easy harvesting

Motorized Drivetrain

Reversible high torque motor cuts in both directions. Standard on larger models.

Modular Design

Expand as your operation grows and save on upfront costs

Premium Worm Castings

Create vermicompost with the highest biological activity

Production Efficiency

Continuous flow vermicomposting systems are the most efficient form of worm castings production

Our Product

The Michigan SoilWorks CFT is built with a modular design, precision engineered, and materials selected to withstand many years of worry-free service.

Modular design means you can purchase worm farming equipment that fits your needs today, and add sections later to meet your growing needs.

Precision-engineering means industry best practices that include 3D CAD modeling, FEA stress simulations, and computer-aided manufacturing – all of which ensure your CFT is designed and built to the highest standards.

And materials are selected for strength, corrosion resistance, value and beauty.

Modular Design

Start with a single 8-ft base unit and grow from there. Add additional modules to increase your commercial worm farming capacity when you want.

Your initial investment is completely upgradable in the future.

Precision Engineered

Engineered for performance and durability, using 3D CAD modeling, FEA (finite element analysis), plasma cutting, computer-aided machining, and rigorous field testing.

These also ensure compatibility with future modules as you expand your system.

 Engineered Materials

  • Polypropylene walls – impervious to moisture, will never decay

  • Corrosion-resistant steel cutting bar, cables and fasteners

  • Low-friction (HDPE) runner on guide rail

  • Cutting bar drive system with controller and sensors

  • Reversible high-torque 110V rectified DC gearmotor

Every Michigan SoilWorks CFT Comes With

A System Design Proposal

We’ll review your layout and throughput demands and propose a system that fits your needs.

Detailed Assembly Instructions

Clear, concise directions eliminate confusion in the assembly process.

Palletized Parts

Your system will arrive carefully packed and shipped under our direct supervision.

Operating Instructions

Standardized best-practices lead you from start-up through routine weekly harvests after roughly 20 weeks.

Unlimited Technical Support

We stand by our product – we’re never more than a phone call away.

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